Gooseberry Health Powder

Gooseberry Health Powder

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We also have Blueberry Health Powder available.

Freeze Dried Gooseberry Powder is loaded with flavor. It is high in fibre, vitamins and nutrients. It is made from gooseberries, then freeze-dried. Preservative free, dairy free, & gluten free.

Recommended Daily Intake 2 grams = 1 level teaspoon

Freeze Dried Gooseberry Powder. Sprinkle into Juice or Smoothie or on your breakfast cereal, mix it with your favorite yoghurt or ice cream or add into your baking.
No Added Sugar, Additives, or Preservatives.

Each packet is 100 grams which equals 50 Days Supply.

Natural source of Vitamin C.

*Subscriptions can be paused at any time, however a minimum of four (4) deliveries is required before subscriptions can be cancelled/renewed.