Gift Shop

Welcome to Mamaku Blue Gift Shop selections. Most made by our experienced staff from our spray free berries.

When you visit you will be invited to try and taste these special blueberry products and preserves.

You will notice the full fruit flavour of the Pure Blueberry Juice full of antioxidants to keep your immunity up to combat those winter colds and flu.

The wines and liqueurs are crafted right here at Mamaku Blue. As are the jams, jelly, the savoury products all made to mother’s original recipes, chutney, chilli, savoury sauce and blueberry vinaigrette. Other products include blueberry chocolate, dry berries, health powder, and even dog bones for your 4-legged faithful friend. Amazing are the wonders created with this little miracle berry.

Many of our visitors do their special ‘person’ Thank you or greetings to - from the range of Christmas and special occasion Gift Packs.

Almost forgotten Grandpa’s favourite English Green Gooseberries, available fresh in December and January each season and always as frozen packs all year round. A range of products and taste sensation from the shop café, gooseberry pies, pickled gooseberries or jam, chutney, chilli, a real taste delight served with cheese and crackers. Some folk love our gooseberry ice cream.

Our gift shop is located at 311 Maraeroa Road, Mamaku, Rotorua.

Our gift shop has something for everyone