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In 2007 I underwent open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve.
Subsequent complications made it necessary to change medication to control atrial fibrillation, and extra fluid. Some medication causes kidney function problems. My sister-in-law also had the same surgery 12 years before me.

Sadly she passed due to kidney failure. Losing her pushed me to search online for help to preserve my kidneys. I came across Mamaku Blueberries. I have been using Mamaku Pure Blueberry Juice for a while now, 100mls when I first get up in the morning. It provides me with extra energy, and I am working full time. My regular 3 monthly testing for kidney function shows an improvement, my GP is very happy with the test results. Thank you Mamaku Blue, I am extremely happy with the results and recommend the product to anyone especially those with health concerns. *Results may vary.
Christine H - July 9, 2017

My husband tried Mamaku Blueberry juice for his health. And I was having a cold few weeks back and he suggested that I should have some blueberry juice, so I gave it a try, and it helped me so much that I came right very quickly. Thank you. *Results may vary.
Sarah S, Whakatane - July 4, 2017

My family started on Mamaku Pure Blueberry Juice earlier in the year for the purpose of getting the general health benefits that the juice offers. I take half a glass (about 50-80ml) of the juice on a daily basis. This winter I was unexpectedly and pleasantly surprised that the Housewife hand eczema did not come back on my hands. I have had this very annoying eczema for a few years. I have seen several different dermatologists and have tried all kinds of hand creams, oils and glycerine. Nothing has worked until now. I still remember in the past winters my skin at the fingertips became scaling, cracking and bleeding. The bleeding cuts caused me extreme pain. My life style has remained the same and I haven’t changed my diet except drinking this blueberry juice every day. We would continue to order the Mamaku Blueberry Juice and would highly recommend it to anyone. Many thanks to Mamaku Blue. *Results may vary.
Rita, Auckland - September 3, 2016

Hi there, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your juice! I have suffered from migraines for years and have tried all sorts of things to try and help them. I have had a noticeable decrease in migraines since I have started taking the juice daily. At one point I ran out and within a couple of weeks the migraines were back. I make sure I don’t run out now! Thanks. *Results may vary.
Donna - July 14, 2016

For a year now, my husband and I have been starting each day with 50ml of Mamaku Blue’s Blueberry Juice. Not only does it taste great but we feel much better for it. I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and have found that since being on the juice my energy levels are up making it easier to get in my daily walk. Our immune systems are also better able to fight off cold germs. We now wouldn’t miss our daily dose. *Results may vary.
Jay C - January 15, 2016

Hi there, just had to drop in with a testimonial about this special product. I feel this pure juice hits the punch line when it comes to benefits towards your health. Refreshing taste, Served however you prefer. Already knowing the health benefits of quality blueberries. I had two shots then slept, Woke up feeling 100%. Its amazing how the small things can make a huge difference. To the people of Mamaku Blue, you are truly appreciated! Thank you. *Results may vary.                                                                                                  Leighton W - December 6, 2015

Our Chartwell Probus Club visited the Mamaku Orchard site some years ago at which time we bought a bottle of blueberry juice to sample. My wife and I were impressed with the stated health benefits in the brochure and felt that we would try the product to see for ourselves. After taking a daily dose ever since then, we feel less tired, enjoy the flavours in our food, get a better nights sleep and our general health has improved considering we are in the latter half of seventy years of age. Many thanks Mamaku Blue.* *Results may vary.
Hilda and Don T, Hamilton - November 27, 2015

I am absolutely impressed by the endless miracles of this wonderful blueberry juice. It helped to normalize my mums diabetes and improve the kidney function. For me its a must for my ongoing weightloss regime. Thanks for the wonderful product. *Results may vary.
Sanjay S - November 21, 2015

I am the lucky recipient of a kidney transplant-for which I am so very grateful. About a year after the transplant my kidney was attacked by BK virus. The specialists tried several procedures to reduce the number count of the virus in my system and during that time a friend told me about Mamaku blueberry juice. I have been taking it every day since then and gradually the viral count reduced. I will always take the blueberry juice as I feel it contributed to reducing the virus in my system. *Results may vary.
Linda S - November 19, 2015

I discovered Mamaku Blueberry juice in 2014. I thought I would give it a try just for general well being as I knew about the antioxidant benefits of blueberries. After a few weeks of taking just 50mls in a glass of water every morning I started noticing little changes in my health. I work at a computer most of the working day, I noticed my eyes were not as tired at the end of the day and I had more energy when I finished work for the day. I was also having pain in my hands and wrists, diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel. While taking Blueberry juice, the pain and tingling reduced substantially. I recently stopped using Blueberry juice and it didn’t take long for the familiar little niggles and aches and pains to return – it’s true you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone! So yes, I am definitely getting back into by old routine of blueberry juice every day. Thank you Mamaku Blue. *Results may vary.
Joss C - November 18, 2015

My brother has got chronic kidney failure since last year which make him very weak. He feels much better after taking 6 bottles of blueberry juice he can feel the difference and he’s getting better and more healthy. My husband and I also love Mamaku blueberry juice. We feel great after taking Mamaku blueberry juice. *Results may vary.
Ruli - November 3, 2015

I have been using Mamaku blueberry juice for a year now and my kidney function has improved and my diabetes much easier to control I feel a whole lot better and I wouldn’t be without my Mamaku. I believe my eyesight has stopped deteriating and my brain is sharp. I am 69 years old and still work fulltime thanks to Mamaku. *Results may vary.
Bill D - September 20, 2015

For the last 2 years I have included a daily glass of ‘Mamaku Blue’ Blueberry juice with my breakfast as I have a family history of Macular Degeneration. I was motivated to take blueberry juice, after reading research articles regarding health benefits, as I was concerned when a regular check of my own vision revealed there was a potential problem, although not conclusively Macular. Twelve months later I visited my optician for another check-up and was delighted to learn the earlier problem appeared to have improved. I continue to take this amazing juice daily, and have definitely noticed improved energy and overall well-being. Thank you so much everyone at Mamaku Blue. *Results may vary.
Judy B, Thames - August 14, 2015

I would go to the market often and always thought about the blueberry juice but $30 always seemed a lot for juice. One time when I was at the stand thinking once again to buy one – another customer was saying how he’s never had a cold since he started drinking it. That got me, because my partner has always got a cold, he just has to look at someone with a cold and he catches it, then he brings it home and I would end up with it. This cycle went on throughout each year. – I also since menopause have had irritable bowel – I once got told by an iridologist that I had a leaky gut and have tried many pills and potions, nothing really worked. Soo I started Blueberry Juice it was delicious and because I had just started I couldn’t help myself by drinking a little to much and would run out before next market, I did not like to run out as I was feeling much better. I had been taking it for two months and as if by magic my bowels settled, my partner kept coming home with his colds and I didn’t catch them. I sort of couldn’t believe how something could work so fast. I missed going to the market for two months not by choice and all my old symptoms started to come back, I couldn’t hardly wait for the next market to get more and feel better. $30 is nothing compared to how much it has done for my health. I am totally hooked and very glad I overheard the customer that day. It’s proof to me that there are magic potions out there and Blueberry Juice is mine. I will never stop drinking it. *Results may vary. 

Claire T, Tauranga - November 30, 2014

I have been taking the Mamuku berry juice for three weeks now and already I can see the difference in my skin. I am Type 2 Diabetic and therefore it takes much longer for skin conditions/cellulitis to heal. I have had a rash on my arm for months and since taking the juice for only three weeks the rash has completely gone. My BSL has shown great improvement. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Regards, LYNDELL. *Results may vary.
Lyndell, Australia - July 17, 2014

Second time I have purchased the 1 litre pure 100% blueberry juice on line. I have found it helped get my kidneys back in shape as blueberries are low potassium food and anti-oxidant rich food that doesn’t harm your kidneys. So even if it is a bit expensive fruit it does work. I had renal failure and was told next step was dialysis which wasn’t where I wanted to go. Started drinking 100 mls of pure blueberry juice with hot water like a tea each morning. Went to my doctor after a month and my kidneys were good, blood pressure was good and lost weight too. Doctor said all was good with me and keep up whatever it I was doing. Drinking blueberries was the change in my life. Blue berries and lots of water. Thank you. *Results may vary.                                              
Sharon S, Auckland - July 11, 2014

My husband Terry was told he had chronic kidney failure, wow, how? He had very high cholesterol so the Dr put him on a high dose of statin drugs which did nothing so they kept putting up the dose. We have read since that the statin drugs can affect your kidneys. The only thing they (Dr) could give him was blood pressure pills. After blood tests which read his kidney function at only 38-39% and the fact that they were leaking protein at a number of 12.4 (normal is 2) I started to look on the internet and found Mamaku blueberries which they said were very high in antioxidants would help. We visited the shop and ordered 6 bottles to start with and with him taking 150mls daily his next test the protein leaking went down to 4.2. The Dr was amazed and said keep doing what your doing. He did cut the juice down to 100mls but it went back up to 10.4 again. He is back taking 150mls and we have been testing him every month or so to check it and at the moment is has gone down to 4.4. The kidney function has stayed at the same %. So we continue to monitor his kidneys. This product is very good and has so many benefits we were very pleased to have come across it and told a lot of friends and family about it. *Results may vary.
Kathleen & Terry, Whangarei - May 2, 2014

After reading online of the health benefits of having blueberries in your daily diet, and a few health issues in the family, I decided to order Mamaku Blue Blueberry juice for the family to trial. We take it in the mornings as a drink added to water. Its not until you don’t have it you realize how good you are feeling. Our whole family has felt the benefits of this and would thoroughly recommend adding it to your day. *Results may vary.
Karen O - April 2, 2014

In March 2013, I became very ill and in hospital for two nights. They couldn’t find anything wrong. My symptoms were: blown up stomach, having trouble going to the toilet and pains in the stomach, and the odd time vomiting. I had seen my Doctor who tested me for celiac, but I was clear. I went onto a gluten free diet, but that didn’t help much. I then went and saw a Naturopath who put me onto a diet of NO flours or sugars at all. I then came across the Blueberry Juice and decided to have that every morning when I first woke, diluted with boiling water. (No sugar added as it is pure). I found that I didn’t need very much and found the bottle of juice would go off before I finished it. I now put the juice into ice cube trays and freeze it. Every morning I use 30mls diluted with water. It certainly keeps me regular. If I haven’t been to the toilet because of something foreign that I have eaten, then I use more juice. I also use the frozen blueberries in my smoothies first thing in the mornings. *Results may vary.                                              
Jenny - February 2, 2014

Kia ora
Rick suffers from diabetes and has had cellulitice and swelling of the legs. He has had 2 bouts of cellutice and often has leg swelling.

When taking the blueberry juice his sugar levels lower and he generally feels better in himself. His legs heal quicker if he gets any small wounds which is very important for a diabetic. His circulation also improves which helps with the swelling of the legs.

Over a period of about 4 months he stopped taking the juice and tried an alternative that someone suggested which was massage of the legs with coconut juice to improve circulation. He initially had success but this was not long term and his overall health appeared to deteriorate.

We still had 3 bottles of juice left from our last order which has begun taking again over the last 2 weeks and I can see an improvement in his energy levels already along with more consistent blood sugar readings which are ranging from lows of around 3.9 to highs of 9 or 10 maximum. Normally around the 6 to 8 range. These are really good for Ricky.

The skin on his legs looks a lot better and he generally is feeling well.

I have placed another order which should arrive in the next day or so and I don’t think he will go off it again.

Look forward to the next batch of juice which I am going to start taking as well to see if I can improve my energy levels and reduce my blood pressure. Will 50 ml a day be okay for me. Rick takes 150 ml. *Results may vary.
Judi - December 2, 2013

Thank goodness for Mamaku Blue’s Blueberry Juice!

Some years ago I called into Mamaku Winery on a trip to Rotorua and along with an assortment of delicious goodies, took home two bottles of Blueberry Juice. The velvet texture and rich smoothness was delicious and I indulged myself with the special treat half a wine glass of juice each morning with breakfast.

This year I discovered Mamaku Blueberry Juice was available online, directly from Mamaku Blue, and delivered to my door. As I work full time this has meant that for the last ten months I have been able to keep up my daily routine of a Blueberry Juice with breakfast.

WOW! I have noticed a HUGE difference in my overall health and sense of wellbeing. My energy level has improved and niggling kidney pains from surgery some years earlier, have disappeared. I have a family history of Macular Degeneration, and I am very pleased to read that blueberry juice has nutritional properties, which assist in slowing down Macular Degeneration. Thanks to Mamaku Blue Blueberry Juice I feel more optimistic about my quality of health and wellbeing in the future.
Judith B, Thames NZ - November 22, 2013

Over the past 7 years I have had 3 pneumonias. I now have Bronchiectasis in my lungs along with a bug called pseudononas aeruginosa. I have been on many antibiotics over these years, and in 2012 I found out my kidneys were only working at 69%. I did some research and found that taking Blueberries can help Kidneys. I got into Mamaku Blue in Rotorua, read other peoples testimonials and their success and decided to give it a go, 150 mls every day. Had my next Renal check 12 months later mid September 2013. The result was an improvment by 12% my kidneys now function at 81%. I´m absolutely delighted and will be staying on the Blueberry Juice. Thank you Mamaku Blue. *Results may vary.
Pam - October 11, 2013

I am a diabetic with type 2 diabetes on insulin which gave complications to my kidney. I was seen by the doctor on a monthly basis to monitor the function of my kidney, but on my fifth visit to the doctor I was told that my next appointment will be in a year’s time. I believe the Mamaku Blueberry Juice made a difference.

I use to have trouble with my eyesight giving me blurred vision when my sugar level reading rises in the 10 to 15 range. The Blueberry Juice has made a difference – today my eyesight is clear.

The Mamaku Blueberry Juice is a blessing – Thanks to Anne and the team at Mamaku Blue. *Results may vary.
Eturangi - September 9, 2013

I am a diabetic with type 2 diabetes, this led to my kidney failure. I lost at least 75% of my kidney function, and was on Hemodialysis at the hospital for up to 6 hours every day.

I was introduced to Mamaku Blue Pure – 100% Blueberry Juice in January this year 2013. I took the suggested amount for kidney failure of 150mls per day. This had an immediate effect of increasing my urine output from just a quarter of a litre a day to filing the litre bottle and this has continued until the present day. I believe this Mamaku Blue Juice seems to have kicked my kidneys into life again. I am now on APD Dialysis at home, plugged in at night while I sleep – I have my life back, I can now do other activities in the day time.

I had trouble with my eyes my vision was blurred, but after drinking this Mamaku Blue Blueberry Juice my vision became clear – however when I ran out of Juice my vision became blurry again once back on the Juice my vision cleared. Amazing result.

The Mamaku Blue Pure 100% Blueberry Juice still has it’s natural sugars but did not seem to have a negative affect on my blood sugar levels which remain to be quite good. I believe it has also helped my pancreas which is now functioning better.

My energy levels have really increased since having the Mamaku Blue Juice, declines when I run out, and comes back when I start the Juice again.

On the medical side my doctor is very pleased with my medical results and has informed me that my blood count is becoming normal, so I do not have to take the blood count pills anymore, he has also taken me off the pills that stopped the potassium and calcium build up in my body as the levels of both are now normal.

I believe the Mamaku Blue Juice takes the toxins and excess fluid out of your body. I am so pleased I found it – but wish I had been introduced to this Mamaku Blue Pure 100% Blueberry Juice before my kidneys had got so bad. *Results may vary.
Graham - August 3, 2013

After too many years (more than 20) of taking statins for high cholesterol John became convinced that these statins were having a detrimental effect on his health rather than being positive, we decided to try and find if there was a natural way of controlling his cholesterol level. A search on Goggle came up with blue berries and a further search led us to Mamaku Blue. We decided that it was worth a shot so ordered some bottles to try. John found that drinking Mamaku Blue blueberry juice no hardship at all and has religiously taken his blue berry juice every morning since we heard of it. You can imagine our delight when his cholesterol remained within a manageable level even after we started to lower the dose of statins he had been on for a number of years. John recently stopped taking statins and so far although slightly high his cholesterol level is manageable. I only wish we had known of the fabulous health benefits of blue berries years ago. So our grateful thanks go to Anne and Harry for their hard work and belief in their product. *Results may vary.
John and Margaret, Northland   - June 23, 2013

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your blueberry juice . My mother started using it after a probus bus trip and I could not believe the difference . As a hairdresser I see lots of clients with colds plus I fly to Wellington every 5 weeks to see my daughter and 2 small grandchildren who regularly have colds. I have not contacted any bugs even with air conditioning on planes since and have more energy than pre blueberry juice. Thank you. *Results may vary.
Heather - June 13, 2013

I am in my early 50’s and work full-time in a very demanding role. I am also in the midst of menopause, have high blood pressure and have had unstable blood sugar levels that were heading into abnormal levels.

Earlier this year, my husband came across the blueberry juice at a farmers market and after chatting with the stallholder about the benefits, decided to purchase a bottle for me to try.

So for the next week each morning, I was drinking a nip of 150mls before heading off to work.

By mid-week, instead of dragging myself home after work to collapse on the couch for a nap, I was actually able to get home and have the energy to get some chores done straight away.

We definitely thought we were on to a good thing so put an order in so that our adult daughters could try the juice too.

Three months down the track, we are really starting to feel the benefits.

I am finding so much more energy to cope with stressful workloads. I have increased clarity of thought, especially for problem solving and working more efficiently through an ability to organise my thoughts, (which is not always easy for menopausal women!).

My blood sugar levels are stable, as I’m not feeling ‘highs & lows’ through the day and my blood pressure recordings have dropped at least 20mmols on both diastolic and systolic readings.

My daughters are reporting increased vitality, stomach ease and have described a feeling ‘level moodedinness’.

Our family is amazed at the quality of this juice – thank you! *Results may vary.
Letitia, Auckland - June 9, 2013

After recovering from a debilitating illness in July 2012 I have taken 50mls of Mamaku Blue Pure Blueberry Juice daily, which has made a vast difference to my general wellbeing. *Results may vary.
Marie, Mount Maunganui - February 5, 2013

We have a family business in Auckland called KK Malaysia Cuisine. We are a very busy restaurant. 6 months ago someone introduced Mamaku Blue juice to my mother. She likes it very much. 1) This juice is tasty. 2) She feels more energy after consuming. 3) It helps digestion as well. My mum is now 65, still cooking in the kitchen and works a minimum of 65 hours per week. She keeps telling some of her friends this is the fantastic juice to keep her alive to work in this busy kitchen and it’s yummy too. *Results may vary.
Jacky - November 14, 2012

I’ve been a daily consumer of Mamaku Blue blueberry juice for several years and can validate its obvious qualities of thirst quenching and feel good health outcomes. I‘ve not had a cold since I have been a regular consumer, I appreciate most that the juice is pure with no sugar additives or preservatives. *Results may vary.
Cliff King - September 19, 2012

I just have to tell you how excited I am. I started taking the blueberry juice a month ago, I have suffered with migraines for years – at least one every month – since taking the blueberry juice I haven’t had one, I now have so much energy, and feel good. That is all down to you at MAMAKU BLUE WINERY because me and my partner came last November and spoke with an elderly gentleman, about the benefits about blueberries. A MASSIVE THANK YOU. *Results may vary.
Stephanie Thraves - September 8, 2012

I have been using the pure Mamaku blue blueberry juice for 11 years. I went to visit the showroom and winery with a tour group and I was most impressed with the beneficial components of the juice. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I have found that my symptoms have not progressed at all, and my general health is excellent. I thoroughly recommend Mamaku blueberry juice. *Results may vary.
Margaret Booth - April 5, 2012

We came to your shop last November; my partner had a trapped nerve in his wrist and was in a lot of pain. On our return to England he was going to have an operation. When we were in your shop we bought 2 bottles of the blueberry juice. My partner started taking the blueberry juice and within two weeks his wrist got better – bearing in mind he had no feelings in his first finger or his thumb and everything came back to normal. We were both very skeptical about the blueberries but after that we buy fresh blueberries and take them every day, we both swear by them now. A BIG THANK YOU. I have now got you on my facebook, and we tell everybody here in England just how good they are. *Results may vary.
Stephanie Thraves - March 15, 2012

I was introduced to the Mamaku Blueberry juice in December 2009. I have chronic kidney failure, and chronic heart disease. At that time my Nephrologist had told me that my kidney function was so bad that I would have to go on dialysis. I refused to do that and told him that he needed to find an alternative. I visited my relatives in New Zealand that Christmas, visited the farm and was introduced to the juice. I have been taking the juice on a daily basis ever since, about 150ml per day. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was told that my kidney function was at 100% and that my heart was the best it has been in 12 years. The doctors said that whatever I am doing, keep doing it. I thoroughly endorse the juice, I think it is a definite winner. *Results may vary.
Colleen MacCarthy OBE, DSJ, OSJ - June 11, 2011

When i’m taking the blueberry juice I feel good and my body feels fit. My general vitality and well being is much better. I also found that my recovery after the Rotorua marathon was much quicker this time then previously. When I haven’t been using the juice I noticed a big difference. I also find it a great thirst quencher as well! *Results may vary.
Steve O’ Callaghan - May 1, 2012

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