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I have been buying Blueberry juice as a health tonic for some time now, but I have recently noticed that’s it’s really good for my eyes too, making them less tired and more lively – an unexpected side-benefit, thanks! *Results may vary.
Candy, Auckland - March 19, 2020

Thank you Mamaku Blue. For more than a month now I have been eating more than a cupful of your blueberries which I purchased from your stall in Greylyn Farmers Market. I experienced smooth walking uphill. I used to run out of breath before and also with less sleep. Now a miracle has happened. No more breathlessness and sound sleep. For me, it has given me a new lease of life with this superfood. Thank you Mamaku Blue for these Miracle Blueberries. *Results may vary.
Ruth, Auckland - February 18, 2020

I have had fibromyalgia for around 10 years, I started having a cup of blueberries in my smoothies every day for the past two years. The amazing thing is I am now off all my medication. I can get out there and have a normal life again. Thank you Mamaku Blue and your precious little natural blueberries.
Raewyn - November 4, 2019

I was diagnosed with cancer (4B) of the endometrium in June 2010 and after undergoing surgery (i. e. complete hysterectamy) it was found that one of the tumours had attached to my bladder. This was removed succesfully and I underwent a six months cause of chemotherapy.

During this time I was introduced to Mamaku Blueberry Juice and was informed of studies being conducted in America on the high antioxidant content of blueberries and it’s beneficial effects on some cancers.

I continued to take the Blueberry juice or the berries fresh or frozen for the duration of my treatment and every day after, and now two and a half years later I have been given the “ALL CLEAR”.

I remain convinced that the consumption of blueberries along with a healthy diet and lifestyle has contributed hugely to my cure. *Results may vary.
Anne M, Waipu - December 5, 2013

I want to share my blueberry experience story with you. I buy your beautiful blueberries from you throughout the year and know how much they benefit my health. Organic is important for me as I suffer quite severely from the effect of sprays and chemicals in the environment and on food.

Some months ago I found myself out of blueberries and with the market day several weeks away I decided to purchase a packet of ORGANIC berries from the supermarket. The frozen berries were considerably smaller in size than what I am accustomed to from Mamaku Blue, but I didn’t let that put me off – I needed my blueberry fix every morning! The taste was a little less sweet also, quite bland in comparison. However within 3 days I had developed my classic toxicity symptoms – aching muscles, extreme fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, etc, etc, and had to step back and look at what I had consumed or exposed myself to. The only thing I could come up with was the supermarket berries. Once I stopped eating them, the symptoms slowly disappeared. What have I learned from this? Not only that your blueberries are the BEST, but also that ORGANIC does not always mean ORGANIC!

Thank you Mamaku Blue for coming to the Mount regularly and enabling me to purchase the yummest berries and maintain my health. *Results may vary.
Jenny Minogue - March 22, 2012

I truly believe that blueberries can contribute to good health; in fact, I have been eating blueberries from Rotorua for some years now, and I certainly notice a difference when I give them up, even for a few weeks…………….. Toni Jeffreys, PhD (Author, YOUR HEALTH AT RISK; THE CANCER CONSPIRACY; HANGING ABOUT THE FRINGES, and others.) *Results may vary.
Toni Jeffreys, PhD - December 3, 2009

About six years ago I developed macular degeneration and lost the central vision in my right eye. Someone suggested I try taking blueberries every day, and my research told me that scientists strongly recommended them, as they’re so high on the anti-oxidant list. I was very fortunate in living quite close to Mamaku, so I had a bowl of delicious berries every night, rather than having vitamin A, C, E and zinc tablets.

While it didn’t stop me from getting the degeneration in my left eye, my doctor said it held the problem off for much longer than if I’d had no blueberries. Coincidentally, during that time, science came up with a new treatment for the condition, and because the blueberries had slowed the degeneration, the treatment was a success.

I am eternally grateful for my friend who put me onto blueberries. Without them life would be a lot harder. *Results may vary.

Chris Whitman - August 24, 2009

It was suggested that I eat half to a cup of blueberries per day to help with menopause body pain in hands and legs. I have had no pain for 2 years. It took 6 weeks for the blueberries to kick in. *Results may vary.
Jenny Parsons - April 5, 2009

During my prolonged struggle with Melanoma I have been guided on my way back to good health by my doctor who monitored my health and gave me advise on dietary changes to boost my natural immune system.

At the end of each appointment the results of his tests were summarised in a biological scale reading on his computer. At my first appointment I had a reading of 12 and gradually this dropped to 7. My doctor assured me I could achieve 5 eventually and a regular intake of blueberries or similar fruit was recommended. (Half a cupful per day)

Not only was 5 achieved but over the next two years 3 was consistently achieved thanks to a regular supply of both fresh and frozen fruit from ‘Mamaku Blue”. Both physician and patient were surprised and delighted.

Today nearly two years have passed without obvious signs of melanoma and I continue enjoying blueberries almost on a year round basis. *Results may vary.
Ham Gifford - December 8, 2008

My doctor recommended a regular intake of blueberries or similar fruit. (Half a cupful per day). Not only was the desired test result achieved but over the next two years a better result was consistently achieved thanks to a regular supply of both fresh and frozen fruit from Mamaku Blue. *Results may vary.
Ham Gifford - August 5, 2008

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