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Hi, I am currently doing dialysis and by doing some research I found this juice that was supposed to be great for the kidneys.

I began taking the blueberry juice and my blood tests were greatly improved including creatinine levels and urea. I stopped because I assumed covid had stopped all international shipping and I noticed that I began to feel tired and not so well. Numbers again creeped up and blood pressure was unstable. I ordered some more juice that will arrive by boat but I’m looking forward to feeling well again. The juice has got a lovely taste which is an added bonus considering how good it is for my health .

- Debbie, Australia - June 2020

Last February we were in New Zealand, with a group of farmers. One of our visits was at your "farm".

We've got a warm welcome, a wonderful tour in a special kind of train, and you- Harry- told us all about the berries. You let us taste them, right from the plant, especially fresh.

After that we were invited in the gift shop and the blueberry cafe. You played on the pianola for us. It was a wonderful event.

I had a special feeling, I felt "at home". You told about your life, the children, what is important for you and we shared our ideas.

I want to thank you again for the great experience.

Lots of love from Holland.

Jacob G & Anneke van D, Holland - June, 2020

 I have been buying Blueberry juice as a health tonic for some time now, but I have recently noticed that’s it’s really good for my eyes too, making them less tired and more lively - an unexpected side-benefit, thanks! *Results may vary.

Candy, Auckland - March 19, 2020

Thank you Mamaku Blue. For more than a month now I have been eating more than a cupful of your blueberries which I purchased from your stall in Greylyn Farmers Market. I experienced smooth walking uphill. I used to run out of breath before and also with less sleep. Now a miracle has happened. No more breathlessness and sound sleep. For me, it has given me a new lease of life with this superfood. Thank you Mamaku Blue for these Miracle Blueberries. *Results may vary.
Ruth, Auckland - February 18, 2020

Dear Mamaku team, My wife and I visited your winery and farm several weeks ago and had a great time. The blueberry wines were delicious! Thank you for providing a great experience to visitors!
Jessie - July 1, 2019

Dear Mamaku Team, My husband has Chronic Kidney Disease and was at STAGE 5. Now after 12 weeks of drinking your blueberry juice, following a kidney-friendly diet, plus having half a cup of fresh blueberries each day, he is now back to Stage 4! We are sure the juice is doing something pretty good for him! *Results may vary.
Alison, Wairarapa - July 1, 2019

Last year my kidney function dropped to 25% and since finding Mamaku Blue juice 6 months ago it has climbed to 40%. I am also a type 1 diabetic and have been for 42 years. I note that it doesn’t affect my blood sugar levels too much. I intend to continue taking this Mamaku juice for its many positive health benefits as well as the positive result to my kidney function. *Results may vary.
Fiona H, Rotorua - April 30, 2019

“My husband has so many health issues and after reading online of the health benefits of blueberries, I decided to order Mamaku Blueberry juice for him to try. He did enjoy it and he said the juice is helping him a lot but for some reason I stopped ordering. The beginning of this year he was in the hospital two times with pneumonia and he was really sick and was on so many antibiotics. That’s when I asked him if he wanted to order the juice again and he said yes. In July this year was when I placed another order and the juice has helped him a lot he takes 150mls every morning and will continue ordering the juice. I would recommend the blueberry juice to anyone. Results may vary.”
Rebecca - November 21, 2018

“Since I have been taking Mamaku Blueberry juice I have noticed a definite improvement in energy levels plus the pain in my back has reduced considerably allowing me to get through the normal daily chores with ease. I ran out and developed a head cold but once back onto this amazing juice my cold was gone in two days.I would not hesitate in recommending this product.”* *Results may vary.
S.E.Bootten - October 17, 2018

“Hi, I would just like to share this info with you. I have had fibromyalgia for around 10 years, I started having a cup of blueberries in my smoothies every day for the past two years. The amazing thing is I am now off all my medication. I can get out there and have a normal life again. Thank you Mamaku Blue and your precious little natural blueberries. Raewyn. “* *Results may vary.
Raewyn Malaquin - March 27, 2018

“Hi John and Anne I am so pleased to inform you that my husband’s kidney function has improved; since he has started taking the Mamaku blue blueberry juice daily from September last year. His creatinine count has gone down from 125 to 115 and his Egfr has improved from 58 to 61. He is currently on no other medications. We will continue with this therapy and hope for a further improvement in the future. Thanks for your product and excellent customer services provided by John.”* *Results may vary.
Benaifer, Australia - February 2, 2018

We live in Auckland and have a son David (14) who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years ago. He has been on insulin since then. A few weeks ago we started to give him Mamaku Blue Juice daily and noticed that Davids blood sugar has been consistently lower than before. He does not seem to have as many spikes in sugar levels as he did before. We feel that the juice has definitely helped stabilize his sugar levels and we have therefore started to give him much lesser insulin than we have been giving him prior to having the juice. David has a sensor on his arm that detects his blood sugar levels and so we regularly observe how he is doing through the day and night. Since having the juice we have noticed a remarkable stability in his sugar levels right through the day. We are hugely grateful for your juice and wanted to say thank you!* *Results may vary.
Lily, Auckland - August 1, 2017

My dad takes your blueberry drink 250 mls a day and the reason behind was his kidney function was going down, I believe your product is helping him in maintaining his kidney function at same levels and might also be helping in improving his GFR [Glomerular Filtration Rate]. I strongly recommend this product as if you’re in that situation you have to try and hope for the best.* *Results may vary.
Ronnie A. - July 19, 2017

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