250ml Pure Blueberry Juice

250ml Pure Blueberry Juice

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750ml bottles are available too.

Delicious tasting, naturally sweet, 100% blueberry juice with no added sugar or additives. Many customers experience amazing benefits. It's a great start to your day! Made exclusively from our top quality blueberries grown in volcanic ash, on the top of Mamaku Plateau. Over 20 years of experience in two generations of making our delicious 100% Blueberry Juice. 

Mamaku blueberries are packed with antioxidants. Naturally, this makes them a great addition to our daily regime which is why blueberries are among the top choice of doctors and nutritionists. Not only can they lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, but they are also anti-inflammatory.

Studies show that a bowl of blueberries eaten consistently every day can also help reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity.

We have made the job even easier by squeezing 300+ berries into a single bottle for you to get your daily intake. Just measure out a 50 to 150ml serving, you can enjoy it just like that or add it to hot or cold water.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect treat

Was treated to this juice as a gift and have continued to purchase as Mamaku Blue blueberry juice is the smoothest and best tasting I have tried and makes a difference to energy and alertness. This size bottle is perfect to have on the run.

Love it!

Bought for my dad as recommended by his dr for COPD (please follow as your own doctor recommends).
Dads breathing has improved, over all health has has a good boost. He loves the taste! 10/10 from Dad!

Service is exceptional!

Thanks team xx

Incremental improvement

I am regular costumer as I have kidney issues and read up on your recommendation of the link between blueberry juice and kidney health. I drink your Blueberry juice daily and have noticed an incremental improvement with my kidneys and I would like to think that’s thanks to the healing powers of your Blueberries !

Great gift

My family has a history of dying with kidney disease at young age. I decided to take care of kidneys from young age. I am drinking 200ml Blueberry Juice every day from many years and kidney function tests are still normal. Since many of my friends are also drinking Blueberry Juice. Whenever I need to give a gift to someone then I give a bottle of Blueberry Juice.

Dave and Robyn
We love the stuff.

We have a sister in Law who has had some serious heart attacks, and Bowel cancer, told us of how it is benefitting her, so we decided to try it. I myself have heart disease, and have been taking it every morning religiously. I love it. My wife Robyn has an older cousin in Auckland and discussed it with her…and now she takes every day and feels really good on it. So I have an older sister who we are sure would also benefit from the juice, so we’d like to buy her some too. We love the stuff.

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